Truth Slay Hair and Skin Care

There is no better way to begin my story other than, what a journey it has been! My name is India Lott and I am the founder, creator, mastermind, and sassy business woman behind Truth Slay Hair and Skin Care products. Yes, that’s right – me. After many long and late nights, I finally formulated the perfect products for women, like me, or for men, who have dreamt of having incredible skin and to die for hair. The truth is – it’s possible.

As a mother and a nurse by profession, I understand that life can become taxing on anyone, and the last thing we want is to let ourselves go. Our skin and our hair are just layers of what beauty lies within, so why not expose that beauty on the outside too? There is no better feeling in the world than feeling beautiful inside and out! With confidence like that, nothing can get in the way of living our lives the way we want to.

In April of 2019, I achieved an overall weight loss of over 100 lbs! Even though losing all of that weight was a proud moment for me, sagging skin became an obstacle, too. Of course, I didn’t want my face to sag after my weight loss, and without pause, I formulated a product for my face that would combat any signs of sagging and tighten my skin instead. Thus, my journey with Truth Slay Hair and Skin Care began. Healthy youthful skin and hair are important to me, but most importantly, your skin and hair are important to me too. If I could help one more person feel beautiful in their skin, then I’d already have accomplished a milestone.

To date, Truth Slay Hair and Skin Care has 15 natural, organic and authentic products specifically designed to combat aging skin, acne, eczema, hair loss, balding, and dandruff. The products I have pioneered are reliable and guaranteed to give you the results you are in search of.